14th SaM146-powered SSJ100 delivered to Interjet

On April 22, 2015 the 14th Superjet 100 powered by SaM146 engines arrived in Mexico to join the Interjet fleet.  

The SSJ100 was rolled out from the SuperJet International’s hangar in Venice (Italy) and took off from “Marco Polo” Airport. During its ferry flight, the aircraft stopped in Keflyavik (Iceland) and Bangor (Maine, USA). 

Since they entered into service with Interjet in 2013, the SaM146 engines have demonstrated an excellent dispatch reliability (99,9%) in all environments.
Interjet ordered 30 SSJ100 in the 93-seat configuration. 

PowerJet at MRO Russia, March 1-2: the SaM146 engine keeps providing excellent performances in operation

The SaM146 engine continues to offer its customers a 99.9% reliability rate at a world-class level.

Since entering service in 2011, the Franco-Russian engine has logged more than 800,000 hours in operation, with 15 operators worldwide, and should reach one million of flight hours later this year.

More than 300 engines have been delivered to date, and PowerJet plans to reach the same pace in 2018.